Monday, January 24, 2011

vitamin d & the tundra.

My alma mater conducted an intriguing study on Vitamin D. I became interested since living in the tundra doesn't allow my body to synthesize this essential nutrient between early fall and late spring (yep that only leaves about 5 months).
“What’s interesting about our study is we did not recruit people to be vitamin D inadequate; we recruited people who were overweight or obese for our weight-loss study. And they happened, on average, to have inadequate vitamin D levels, so it tells you how prevalent the problem is.”

my cupboard now has a bottle of yummy vitamin d gummies. swim suit season is just around the corner and let's just say I have my work cut out.
checkout the article here. 

I was fortunate to get some vitamin d that wasn't from a jar but from the florida sun last week and for that I am thankful.

marco island sunset

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