Sunday, January 2, 2011

new year.

new years resolutions ... I have none. I view every day as a fresh start and I make far too many mistakes and sin way too often to wait a whole year to start over. I do think it's a fun way to set goals and I like hearing other peoples aspirations. I am going to the gym tomorrow and won't be too excited when all the "new years resolution" people show up but it can be fun. I thrive on excitement of big crowds and to be honest part of the reason I go to the gym is to be around people. I could never workout in my basement while staring at a wall and running in place on a treadmill. I just wish these January gym goers would be this excited to go to the gym all the time! Then maybe the town I live in could raise enough $$ for the new wellness center they are attempting to build and the local YMCA could get a new face lift!

I look forward to the excitements and challenges of 2011. but the most exciting event ever is going to happen and it involves my name changing. and no I'm not getting married.

 I'm becoming auntie chelle:) and am so pumped!!!! 
5 weeks to go:)

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