Monday, February 7, 2011

Homemade Fun.

Living in the tundra requires creative minds to make fun during cold times. I truly like snow but when it falls in a place that is extremely vertically challenged its not so easy to find ways to play. I fortunately have some awesome friends with creative minds.

Counting to twenty in a circle. Who knew such a simple task could take so long, be so frustrating, yet exhilarating all at the same time.  
Remember ...1-4 slap your shoulder. 5 raise your leg and say "whooo!" 6 slap your shoulder. 7 horizontally cross your arms. 8-9 back to slapping your shoulder. 10 point. 11-14 more slapping shoulders. 15 raising your leg. 16 slap your shoulder. 17 horizontally cross your arms (just like 7 but this time bottom arm points to the next person) 18-19 shoulder slapping. 20 point!

Golf tournament on a frozen lake. Tennis balls. Golf clubs. Hockey sticks as putters. Homemade fun.

Horse racing doesn't just come from Canterbury park and the Kentucky derby. 

This horse race is way less predictable. "Shake 'em!"