Tuesday, December 28, 2010

modern is vintage.

a good friend gave me a gift card to the online retailer www.modcloth.com and i have found myself wanting the entire inventory. vintage and retro accessories, clothing, and decor. reminds me a little of urban outfitters. i also enjoy the names of the products such as the "Try This on for Siz-zle Dress" or "some bunny to love" the creativeness of it makes me smile.
the style reminds me to utilize thrift stores more. the gift of recycling is truly great. i have a few items that i am constantly asked where they came from and i am always proud to say the thrift store. purchases from thrift stores are like treasures. just takes a little hunting to find the treasures.
im not a saver especially with gift cards as they seem to be forgotten if not used immediately however i have yet to pick the winning number for the gift card purchase but i have a feeling it will have to be a dress:)

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