Friday, March 11, 2011

gas-x revolution.

after filling up my tank for nearly $4 a gallon, I listened to this story about high gas prices on my favorite radio station while driving....

i then went home and listened to it again on the website. and then i went on amazon and almost bought the book $20 Per Gallon: How the Inevitable Rise in the Price of Gasoline Will Change Our Lives for the Better but then i realized my a.d.h.d. would for sure win and i'd never read it.

i know little about oil, barrels, and business. my knowledge really doesn't go beyond economics 101. less supply more demand. higher prices. that i get but don't ask me any more. i rather study the human body.  however i enjoy staying informed and make an effort to educate myself.

turns out high gas prices has a positive side despite my current annoyance of spending my starbucks money on a gallon of gas. and even though we hate changing our lifestyle. we can. americans drove 100 billion less miles in 2008 than they did in 2007. but it goes past just driving less. and that's what's exciting. it could be revolutionary!! and if i were a gambler i would bet on it. high gas prices have enormous negative effects on people but the reality is $6/gallon is not far away. no matter how much we complain.

here are a list of a few positive views of pricey gasoline...

1) America's obesity rates fall!!  and not from starvation. but because they are moving their bodies with their own energy and not gasoline (unless of course one is dancing while listening to la gasolina.) who needs health care reform when people are healthier.  i guess that's a bit extreme but whats not to love about happy healthy people!

2) car accident death rates fall. woah. because people drive slower to increase fuel economy and less people die.

3) we BREATHE cleaner air. now that's refreshing.

I wasn't sure if these next 2 were positive or not so just a few bonus facts..

*Mass transit will spread. High speed trains will become the mode of transportation (this has already somewhat spread in other parts of the world but turns out america is a bit behind.) The airplane graveyards will overflow and gone will be the days of "Oxygen will be flowing to the mask even if the bag does not inflate. Please make sure to secure your own mask before assisting others."

*Wal-Mart will go bankrupt at $14 per gallon and manufacturing jobs will return to the U.S. (go target!)

we will conserve. use less "stuff." value our "stuff" more. i never liked living in a disposable society.

i've decided once the march melt starts. i'm ridding my bike to work. my waistline could use it.

i also just searched for train tickets to see this face. ..

because how can i resist the urge to squeeze those cheeks. 

I'm excited to exercise more, breathe fewer toxins, eat better food, and make a smaller impact on our earth. Bring on high gas prices :)

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